About Us

u4See is a community and a collaborative effort that exposes the ability of influencing figures to predict the future or stand behind their promises.
In other words, u4See is a predictions tracking engine.

Have you ever wondered who is the most reliable politician or stock market analyst to follow their advice or promise? Do you know who you should vote for, and who not, based on a simple list and a score of their predictions and proven outcomes?

This is what we do on u4See! We quote, track and eventually rank politicians, analysts, and other prominent individuals and entities based on their proven success with standing behind their promises or predicting the future accurately.

The end result of our effort is u4See Score, which is the success rate of any individual, determined by their ability to stand behind their promises or predict the future accurately.

u4See is open for anyone to join and be part of this ongoing effort to organize the world's predictions. Every new member is making us one man or woman stronger, and quoting politicians in your city, county or state is giving you the power to expose the politician's promises and predictions in a transparent and public manner.

Join me and others to make our world more accountable and more transparent!

Learn more about what you can do on u4see as a member.

Aviad Giat - Founder