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About Us

Have you ever wondered who is the most (proven) reliable politician? This is what we do! We quote, track and eventually rank politicians, political analysts and other influencers, based on their success with standing behind their promises and predicting the future accurately. Find who are the current top 5 most reliable public figures in the USA: u4see.org/success

One of the best Daily Show episodes for me was when John Stewart 'grilled' Jim Cramer for his part of selling empty dreams about financial opportunities before the 2008 financial meltdown.

John Stewart did an incredible service to so many people by exposing materials that show what Cramer promised and what happened.

I then went to look up if there is any existing system that holds people accountable for their promises and only came across fact-checking websites. This is when I realized that a system that will do what the Daily Show did on a regular basis and on a wider scale can benefit not only me but millions of other people.

By wider scale I mean, wide enough to have politicians be aware that their promises are not only being quoted but also indexed, discussed and tracked religiously all the time and by anyone, on local and national levels.

u4see is up and running (almost) without any investment but my time and few other volunteers. For it to continue to serve all of us and keep on growing and to get to more people and quotes we need your support!

If you cannot support our development financially, you can support us by talking about what we do with your friends and by quoting politicians in your city, county or state on u4see.

u4see is a nonprofit organization based in Mountain View, California with the clear mission of holding politicians accountable (or praise them) for their futuristic declarations.

Learn more what you can do on u4see: https://u4see.org/why-join
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