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About Us

u4see is a community and a collaborative effort that exposes the ability of influencing figures to predict the future or stand behind their promises.
In other words, u4See is a predictions tracking engine.

Have you ever wondered who is the most reliable politician or stock market analyst? Who you should vote for or follow and who not based on a simple list of their predictions and documented outcomes?

This is what we do! We quote, track and eventually rank politicians, political analysts, and other prominent individuals and entities based on their proven success with standing behind their promises or predicting the future accurately.

u4See is open for anyone to join and be part of this ongoing effort to organize the world's predictions. Every new member is making us one man or woman stronger, and quoting politicians in your city, county or state is giving you the power of facts to demand what you were promised or showcase the ability or inability of the politician to deliver.

We all make mistakes when foreseeing the future, all the time. Recognizing and learning from those mistakes in a constructive and non-emotional/biased way can make many things better in our lives. For example, knowing who to trust or not for their futuristic declarations by fact-checking them.

Some make no sense when they speak their mind and predict the future, however; eventually those "nonsensical" foreseeing, many times, come true. Some get it right more than others.

We want to capture those "stars" who get it right (and those who don't) on u4See and expose their success or failure to our community of critical thinkers from both sides of the aisle.

Join me and others to make your world just a *little* more accountable!

Learn more about what you can do on u4see as a member compared to a guest and join us!