Coronavirus's Predictions and Promises

On this page you can find all the predictions related to Coronavirus that were logged on u4See. Click the title or image to see more details about each prediction. You! can also add predictions (or promises) to this Prediction Portfolio on your own.
Title Predictor
Unvaccinated will experience severe illness and death this winter White House, Joe Biden
Myocarditis in kids will skyrocket Peter McCullough
2022 cancer fatalities will explode above one million fatalities (in the US) Mike Adams, Health Ranger Report
South African CHAOS will come to America Mike Adams
Biden to be removed from power after failing 70% vaccination goal by July 4th Mike Adams
Johnson Predicts Lockdown Ending June 21 Boris Johnson
Biden predicts anyone in the US who wants a coronavirus vaccine will be able to get one by 'this spring' Joe Biden
Biden official predicts another 100,000 deaths in next five weeks Ron Klain
mid last minute changes and funding shortfalls, Biden adviser predicts a slow start to the ‘100 million vaccines in 100 days’ goal Nicholas Florko
Dr. Fauci predicts new COVID-19 strain will spread across US Dr. Anthony Fauci
COVID cases will continue to be high through the winter, but will begin to significantly drop by March, as the vaccines make their way to the public Matthew Gagon
Face masks will be worn on New Year’s Eve 2021 Fortune
U.S Will Have Enough Covid Vaccine Doses By Mid-2021 Goldman Sachs
Covid vaccination in US will not be mandatory Joe Biden
Biden Predicts 250,000 More Coronavirus Deaths, Urges Americans To Stay Home Over Holidays Joe Biden
The pandemic will get worse before it gets better Bill Gates
Physician predicts 'unprecedented surge' in US Covid-19 cases after Thanksgiving Dr. James Phillips
We could effectively end this pandemic in 2021’ with Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines Dr. Scott Gottlieb
Pfizer vaccine could be key to conquering COVID-19 Rebecca Corey, Yahoo News
AstraZeneca hoping to deliver COVID-19 vaccine by start of 2021 AstraZeneca
The US could have multiple vaccines by the year's end Robert Wachter
The coronavirus pandemic will end in everyone being micro chipped without their consent or knowledge. (Via vaccine) Tad Merrell
If they are successful in mandating the vaccine to everyone at least 50 million American will die Judy Mikovits
The next epidemic could be from bio-terrorism Bill Gates
The next epidemic could kill 30 million people in less than a year Bill Gates
We'll have digital certificates of who's a recovered person and who's a vaccinated person Bill Gates
Policeman who enforce the tyrannical orders will eventually hurt other officers and put their lives in danger Greg Anderson
Bill Gates, thru his investments, will become the #1 producer of COVID-19 tests and vaccines in the world Tsegereda Mulugeta
The Covid-19 investigation will lead eventually to the queen of England Sasha Stone
The number of deaths due to wide spread epidemic will go as high as 33 million Bill Gates
We will have a widespread epidemic worse than the Ebola Bill Gates
Things Won't Get Back To Normal Until We Have Gotten A Vaccine Out To The Entire World Bill Gates
Conavirus will come back in fall Anthony Fauci
(When the real estate bubble will burst) You'll be able to buy a whole lot more real estate with your Crypto or Precious Metals Mike Maloney
Australia's real estate bubble will burst soon Mike Maloney
Maryland could start Coronavirus recovery as early as May Larry Hogan
the economic recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak will come in a matter of months Steve Mnuchin
One world order is what's gonna come out of the Coronavirus crisis Israeli News Live
Bitcoin and Monero will go up exponentially in the next few years Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante
By the time You will get the $1,200 the Dollar won't be worth anything Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante
Fauci says he thinks schools will be able to reopen in the fall Anthony Fauci
Fauci - Coronavirus turnaround after this week Anthony Fauci
Coronavirus deaths might be 'more like 60,000' Anthony Fauci
Covid-19 vaccines will be enforced upon people throughout the world AviG
MSM will overtly support the global elite's "New World Order" agenda following the Covid-19 pandemic AviG
The coronavirus will be used as an excuse to take away more of our rights Gary D. Barnett
Trump will lose the 2020 election because of COVID-19 Nouriel Roubini
Anti-malaria drug will be effective against COVID-19 Donald Trump
When the winds of Covid-19 calm restrictions will remain for years to come AviG
When ever people can get back to the streets you are going to see Occupy on steroids Max Blumental