Science's Predictions and Promises

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Title Predictor
Myocarditis in kids will skyrocket Peter McCullough
2022 cancer fatalities will explode above one million fatalities (in the US) Mike Adams, Health Ranger Report
NASA predicts surge in coastal flooding in 2030s due to Moon's 'wobble' NASA
The Penny Stock ‘MINE’ (Minerco Inc.) will rise by 1,000 folds from 0.0021 by New Year’s Day 2021 John Walsh
Tesla will own all vehicles on all roads, and all driving will be automated AZ
If they are successful in mandating the vaccine to everyone at least 50 million American will die Judy Mikovits
Covid-19 vaccines will be enforced upon people throughout the world AviG
We will have the vaccine for COVID19 very quickly Donald Trump
When robots will be able to learn on their own, they will also acquire self-awareness AviG
Mark Zuckerberg predicts 'crazy brain research' will let users capture a thought and send it using telepathy Mark Zukerberg
Elon Musk predicts people on Mars in 9 years Elon Musk
Future of sex: A couple could become each other and experience the relationship from the other’s perspective Ray Kurzweil
By the 2030s, you and I could be hundreds of miles apart, and it will seem just as though we’re sitting together Ray Kurzweil
By 2040 nanobots will reverse the aging process Ray Kurzweil
By the 2020s we’ll start using nanobots to complete the job of the immune system Ray Kurzweil
In 2029 computers will be indistinguishable from human intelligence in a conversation Ray Kurzweil
By 2030s we will have nanobots in our brain that will connect it with external brain, just like we use a cloud Ray Kurzweil
All hundred of us (at Meta) will be working with Augmented Reality machines by 2018 Meron Gribetz
NASA predicts 99.9% chance of a magnitude 5 or larger earthquake in the greater Los Angeles area by April 2018 JPL Research, Andrea Donnellan
Within 10 years we will be editing genes in humans Jennifer Doudna
CERN scientists conducting experiment at Large Hadron Collider will prove existence of parallel universe Large Hadron Collider