Will Alan Dershowitz be put on trial for allegedly having sex with Virginia Roberts-Giuffre?

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New York Post
Alan Dershowitz, a celebrity lawyer who represented Jeffrey Epstein and now works with Donald Trump's legal team, was accused by Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, Epstein's "sex slave", of having sex with her when she was under age, at least 6 times.
Dershowitz denied any of the allegations adamantly saying "I assure you I never had sex with Virginia Roberts..." and "Let me state categorically: I never had sex with an underage person in my life. Even when I was an underage boy, I never had sex with an underage girl. I never had sex with anyone related to Jeffrey Epstein."
Moreover, Dershowitz dared Roberts to testify in front of a camera that he had sex with her. To his surprise, she dared to do that in a Netflix documentary
"I was with Alan Dershowitz multiple times. At least six that I can remember, I was trafficked to Alan Dershowitz from Epstein... He’s denied being with me. Is one of us telling the truth? Yes. Is that person me? Yes." 
Dershowitz in return sued Roberts accusing her for lies, disparagement, defamation, harassment that were "beyond the bounds of decency and not tolerated in civilized society."
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