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Biden to be removed from power after failing 70% vaccination goal by July 4th

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Sunday, July 18, 2021 - 03:30

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(Natural News) The sheer desperation of Biden and Harris is now obvious in their own actions, with Kamala Harris begging democrat voters to harass unvaccinated people by knocking on their doors and demanding they all get vaccinated. This is a kind of "coercion by proxy" that seeks to recruit obedient sheeple to be vaccine enforcers. This effort has failed, of course, which means Biden has just a few weeks remaining to ratchet up the vaccine tyranny and push for more aggressive means of vaccine compliance, possibly including forced vaccines at gunpoint (if they dare take it that far).

If he triggers that approach, however, the backlash will be swift. Americans won't accept being forcibly injected at gunpoint with an experimental medical intervention. Thus, the Biden / Harris regime will clearly fail to reach its 70% goal. Once this is confirmed on July 4th, it means things will be set into motion to remove Biden from power. Watch for Biden to be forced to step down due to "health reasons."
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Kamala Harris urges voters to knock on voters doors and push them to take the vaccines.


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