Lucy Aharish will one day become an elected representative in the Israeli political system

Friday, March 14, 2025 - 17:30
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Lucy Aharish, an Israeli-Muslim news anchor, was fired from the government channel KAN on Sunday, the morning after she participated in an online demonstration criticizing the government, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which almost 600,000 people watched on Facebook Live. 

The government channel denied that her firing was a result of her participation and leadership in the online demonstration:

In the shadow of the coronavirus crisis, the broadcast schedule and the staff are changing. The program presented by Geula Even Saar and Yaron Brovinsky was cancelled and Geula, who is an employee of the Public Broadcasting Corporation will present [a program] with Kobi Meidan instead of Lucy Aharish. There is no connection to Aharish's participation in events not related to Public Broadcasting Corporation.
Here is the video from the online-demonstration that took place on March 21st, 2020, which, despite the above official narrative, costed Lucy her job:

If you are not familiar with Lucy, here is a CNN interview with her  and Tzahi, her husband, and their unique and legendary love stroy:

Lucy being a serial glass ceiling breaker, a rebel and a cultural leader will, in my opinion, be translated into a political career, where she will have the ultimate power to influence the topics she is advocating for.


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