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Predictors' success rate

The success rate for all the predictors under all categories, on u4see, is 64.23%.
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Prediction Predictor Result
I will be proven not guilty - view Benjamin Netanyahu Pending
We’re keeping the holy sites in any peace deal, Netanyahu vows - view Benjamin Netanyahu Pending
Labour will buy every homeless person in the UK a house if the party is elected - view Jérémy Corbin Pending
Uber’s CEO Predicts the U.S. Will Have Flying Cars Within 10 Years - view Dara Khosrowshahi Pending
EU's constitutions are on the verge of breakdown - view George Soros Pending
US wages will really start to rise this year - view Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs Pending
The European Central Bank rate will not hike in 2018 - view Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs Pending
It'll be another weak year for the US dollar - view Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs Pending
On Feb 1st you will see on your paycheck the Republican tax relief - view Kevin Brady Pending
On Feb 1st you will see on your paycheck the Republican tax relief - view Kevin Brady Pending
Women will crash the glass ceiling in 2018 - view Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank Pending
Tencent will outstrip Apple and will become the world's largest company - view Peter Garnry, Saxo Bank Pending
South Africa will blossom financially in 2018 - view Christopher Dembik, Saxo Bank Pending
Europe center of gravity will move from the Western countries to the Eastern ones - view Christopher Dembik, Saxo Bank Pending
US voters will go hard left in 2018 elections - view John J Hardy, Saxo Bank Pending
China's Petro-Yuan will take over the hagmony of the current Petro-Dollar - view Ole Hansen, Saxo Bank Pending
There will be a fantastical plunge in the yen - view John J Hardy, Saxo Bank Pending
The Feds will lose independence as the US Treasury takes charge - view Steen Jakobse, Saxo Bank Pending
Six-Figures for Bitcoin in 2018 - view Dave Chapman Pending
bitcoin will soar to $60,000 before crashing to $1,000 - view Kay Van-Petersen, Jacob Pouncey, Saxo Bank Pending
War with Iran is inevitable - view Jake Morphonios Pending
Bitcoin value will rocket to $100,000 - view Michelle Mone Pending
Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2020 - view John McAfee, James Altucher Pending
Trump predicts passage of tax plan by Christmas - view Donald Trump Pending
Bitcoin will reach $14,000 in 2018 - view Ronnie Moas Pending
Donald Trump is never going to release his tax returns - view Taylor Link Pending
Trump is going to resign before being impeached - view Frederica Wilson Pending
When robots will be able to learn on their own, they will also acquire self-awareness - view Aviad Pending
The US will go to war in order to prevent the Yuan from taking over the oil trade - view Max Keiser Pending
Republicans Facing “Bloodbath” In 2018 Midterm Elections - view Ted Cruz Pending
Trump's administration will give voice to those who haven't had a voice for many years - view Laura Ingraham Pending
Trump will finish his four year term as the POTUS - view Steve Bannon Pending
Trump will win by a landslide in the next general elections - view Steve Bannon Pending
Apple shares will soar on Trump's tax reform - view Wamsi Mohan, Bank Of America Pending
Indictments are coming up for the Trump administration over the Russia probe - view Ken Starr Pending
Apple shares will drop - view Deutsche Bank, Sherri Scribner Pending
We will get 50 Republican votes to remove and replace Obamacare - view Lindsey Graham Proved False
Trump Will Soon Be the Ex-POTUS - view Keith Olbermann Pending
Trump's presidency is effectively over - view Tony Schwart Pending
Trump will not complete his first term in office - view Cenk Uygur Pending
Michael Moore predicts - Trump-driven economic crash - view Michael Moore Pending
Real estate commissions will continue to fall - view Nela Richardson Pending
Millennials will move to second-tier cities - view Nela Richardson Pending
More people will have access to home loans - view Nela Richardson Pending
Mortgage rates will increase in 2017, but not too much - view Nela Richardson Pending
New-construction growth will slow - view Nela Richardson Pending
2017 will be the fastest real estate market on record - view Nela Richardson Pending
The housing market in 2017 will continue to grow, but at a slower pace due to affordability pressures - view Nela Richardson Pending
We’re going to cut taxes, and we’re going to cut taxes this year - view Mike Pence Pending
GOP will fail to repeal and replace ObamaCare - view John Boehner Came True


Top 5 Predictors

u4see Rank Predictor Success Rate (in %) Promises & Predictions
1 David Rothschild 85 119
2 Nate Silver 82 99
3 Paul Krishnamurty 75 24
4 Barack Obama 54 22
5 Pete Prisco 73 19