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Predictors' success rate

The success rate for all the predictors under all categories, on u4see, is 64.23%.
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Prediction Predictor Result
The TPP will be massaged, changed and worked on during the next administration - view Mitch MacConnell Pending
A critical mass of Americans will come to understand that the World Trade Center collapses were controlled demolitions - view Jody Pending
Under Jeff Weaver the OurRevolution will not be well run - view Claire Sandberg Pending
S&P is set to crash 50% to be as low as 1,100 - view Marc Faber Pending
Donald Trump - I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African-American vote - view Donald Trump Proved False
Keep This Tape... Donald Trump Is Going To Win - view Newt Gingrich Came True
At the end of the day Russia, China and Iran will be remembered as the ones who stopped the Middle East bloodiest war that the United States started - view Aviad Pending
Wikileaks Will Take Down Hillary Clinton - view Jeffrey Gundlach Pending
I will erase student loan debt - view Jill Stein Cancelled
Trump People Will Revolt if the Election is Rigged - view Roland Vincent Cancelled
Hillary Will Appoint Corporatists, Not Progressives, to the Supreme Court - view Roland Vincent Cancelled
We’re not going to get our privacy back, whether it’s under Clinton or Trump - view Chris Hedges Pending
Endless war is going to be continued, whether it’s Trump or Clinton - view Chris Hedges Pending
The TPP is going to go through, whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - view Chris Hedges Pending
Bernie Sanders will regret supporting Hillary Clinton - view Chris Hedges Pending
Donald Trump has an excellent chance to win the presidency - view Cenk Uygur Came True
Without a return to something like Glass-Steagall, another greater catastrophe is just a matter of time. - view James Rickards Pending
Donald Trump says the United States under his leadership might not come to the defense of some NATO members if Russia were to attack them - view Donald Trump Pending
Clinton's economic proposals will create 10 million new jobs! - view Moody's Cancelled
I do think we're going to take a Senate majority for the Democrats - view Tim Kaine Proved False
Donald Trump will win the general elections - view Michael Moore Came True
Ted Cruz will run again in 2020 and win the nomination - view John_sm Pending
Hillary Clinton will take Bernie Sanders as her VP - view Aviad Proved False
Bernie Sanders Is Expected to Endorse Hillary Clinton Next Week - view Patrick Healy Came True
Bernie Sanders will be Hillary Clinton's VP - view Pinto Proved False
By the end of the Democratic convention Bernie Sanders will pledge his support to Hillary Clinton - view Pinto Came True
In a Clinton presidency Dick Cheney will not be prosecuted for war crimes - view Aviad Cancelled
U.K. Will Enter A 'Mild Recession' In 2017 - view Goldman Sachs, Jan Hatzius, Jari Stehn, Karen Reichgott Pending
I think the EU is going to break up. You watch: other countries will follow - view Donald Trump Pending
Voting to leave the EU would would lead to economic bomb for UK - view David Cameron Pending
Once the (Israeli) occupation ends, terrorism will disappear, there will be no more terrorism in the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world - view Mahmoud Abbas Pending
A Trump presidency could significantly hurt the US economy - view Moody's Pending
Israel current right wing government's days are numbered - view Ehud Barack Pending
Kasich will endorse Trump - view John_sm Proved False
Embracing Sanders' leftist ideals could threaten Clinton's existing support. - view Harry Enten Pending
Mark Zuckerberg predicts 'crazy brain research' will let users capture a thought and send it using telepathy - view Mark Zukerberg Pending
WikiLeaks Is About to Ruin Hillary Clinton’s Chances of Becoming President - view Tom Cahill Pending
Loretta Lynch, the US attorney general, despite having all the necessary information, will not indict Hillary Clinton - view Julian Assange Came True
Hillary Clinton will win the General election by atleast 10 points. - view John_sm Proved False
Bernie Sanders will suspend his campaign prior to the Democratic Convention - view John_sm Came True
This girl will be the next Taylor Swift - view Simon Cowell Pending
Clinton's unfavorable ratings to drop after Obama's endorsement - view John_sm Pending
Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic presidential nominee - view Chris Cillizza Came True
Bernie Sanders will call to unite the Democratic Party after June 7th primaries - view Hillary Clinton Came True
Elon Musk predicts people on Mars in 9 years - view Elon Musk Pending
The Democratic Nominee will be made clear by the week ending 12th June - view Barack Obama Came True
Hillary Clinton will win Texas in the November General Election - view Hillary Clinton Proved False
America's Days Are Numbered as the World's Top Economy - view CEBR Pending
McDonald’s CEO Predicts Minimum-Wage Workers Will Soon Be Replaced by Robots - view Ed Rensi Pending
Israel's extremist government is leading Israel to destruction - view Avi Gabai Pending


Top 5 Predictors

u4see Rank Predictor Success Rate (in %) Promises & Predictions
1 David Rothschild 85 119
2 Nate Silver 82 99
3 Paul Krishnamurty 75 24
4 Barack Obama 54 22
5 Pete Prisco 73 19