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Predictors' success rate

The success rate for all the predictors under all categories, on u4see, is 64.23%.
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Prediction Predictor Result
If the GOP wins the White House it would mean millions of Americans would lose health care - view Allen Clifton Pending
Any Democrat is likely to retain the financial reforms of 2010 and seek to stiffen them where possible - view Paul Krugman Cancelled
Sanders as the Democratic nominee makes it very likely Republicans win next November - view Allen Clifton Cancelled
The refugee crisis could trigger revolutions and even the end of Europe - view Donald Trump Pending
US officials think ISIS will attack America this year - view James Clapper Proved False
We have to work with Nato to protect Eastern Europe against any Russian aggression - view Bernie Sanders Pending
Financial markets to suffer after a few Donald Trump primary wins - view James Pethokoukis Came True
If Clinton wins Nevada and South Carolina, then Bernie will start to flatline - view Steven Shepard Came True
It's make or break for both Rubio and Bush in South Carolina - view Steven Shepard Came True
Republicans say Marco Rubio can recover from New Hampshire - view Steven Shepard Came True
We should audit the department of defense - view Bernie Sanders Pending
I will expend Social Security benefits for seniors, disabled and veterans - view Bernie Sanders Pending
We are not going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from this country - view Hillary Clinton Pending
I will make race relations better by creating millions of jobs for low income kids and make sure they stay in school - view Bernie Sanders Pending
I will make race relations better by using the justice department to enforce law and change police practices - view Hillary Clinton Pending
At the end of my first term, as president, we will not have more people in jail than any other country - view Bernie Sanders Pending
We have to demilitarize local police department, so they don't look like occupying armies - view Bernie Sanders Pending
paid family and medical leave should be a right for all American families - view Bernie Sanders Pending
We will end the absurdity of women making 79 cents on the dollar compared to man - view Bernie Sanders Pending
Many people will be worse off with Bernie's Health Care plan - view Hillary Clinton Pending
Russia will collapse - view Stratfor Pending
The South China Sea islands won't start a war - view Stratfor Pending
Japan will be Asia's rising naval power - view Stratfor Pending
Turkey and the US will become closer allies - view Stratfor Pending
There will be four Europes - view Stratfor Pending
We expect Germany to suffer severe economic reversals in the next decade - view Stratfor Pending
Poland will be one of Europe's leaders - view Stratfor Pending
If Russia collapses, the US will have to use its military to secure the country's nukes - view Stratfor Pending
I will be the greatest jobs producer God ever created - view Donald Trump Pending
Europe is planning to deport hundreds of thousands of Muslims - view Lawrence Solomon Pending
There will be 16 mini-Chinas - view Stratfor Pending
US power will decline over the next 10 years - view Stratfor Pending
Trump and Sanders to win New Hampshire primary - view Stephen Collinson, Steven Shepard Came True
LINDSEY GRAHAM: Jeb Bush is 'toast' if Marco Rubio beats him badly in New Hampshire - view Lindsey Graham Cancelled
I will restore our country’s legacy as the world’s leading economic & military power - view Jeb Bush Pending
Ted Cruz: Drafting women is 'nuts'. If I am president, we ain’t doing it! - view Ted Cruz Pending
We will pass legislation requiring pay equity for women. End of discussion - view Bernie Sanders Pending
We will raise the minimum wage to 15 over the next couple of years - view Bernie Sanders Pending
(The TPP) deal will boost U.S. economic growth and provide more opportunities for middle-class families - view Barack Obama Pending
Obama convinced Congress will pass TPP trade deal - view Barack Obama Pending
Clone of The TPP will strengthen the American workforce and make our economy more competitive and prosperous - view Aviad Pending
The TPP will strengthen the American workforce and make our economy more competitive and prosperous - view John McCain Pending
The TPP could hurt American businesses - view Ed Markey Pending
The TPP could drive up U.S. prices and hurt American consumers - view Ed Markey Cancelled
The TPP will cost American jobs - view Bernie Sanders Pending
Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will hurt consumers - view Bernie Sanders Pending
The TPP will restrict access to medicine for many countries around the world - view Joseph Sliglitz Pending
Farm union head predicts Trans-Pacific Partnership will fail to deliver - view Roger Johnson Pending
The TPP will create more American Jobs - view Barack Obama Proved False
No trade agreement will force us to change our laws - view Barack Obama Pending


Top 5 Predictors

u4see Rank Predictor Success Rate (in %) Promises & Predictions
1 David Rothschild 85 119
2 Nate Silver 82 99
3 Paul Krishnamurty 75 24
4 Barack Obama 54 22
5 Pete Prisco 73 19