Share future declarations of yourself or other people, follow them and learn the results and the statistics when those predictions or promises expire.

heart Share a promise you heard on the radio or read online with the community. We love new predictions from politicians, analysts, and journalists because aggregating this valuable information (and tracking and reporting the outcome) helps us increase our ability to know who we can and cannot trust with their next promise or prediction.
enlightenedShare YOUR prediction or promise! Anyone can post a prediction on u4See. Build your own Prediction-Portfolio page and demonstrate your ability to predict the future, either publicly or privately with a group of friends, colleagues or only with yourself.
Here are the things you can do on u4See, as a member, and as a guest:
Actions on u4See
Vote with your intellect - What you THINK/EXPECT will happen with the outcome of predictions.
Vote with your heart -  What you WISH/WISH NOT will happen with the outcome of predictions.
Post  a Prediction - Share your prediction or someone else's publicly.
Notifications - Get notified when there are new comments and followers to your own prediction, and when your prediction expires.
Follow a Prediction - Get notified when someone else's prediction ends with the result.
Follow a Category -  Get notified for new content based on your preferred topics.
Follow a u4See Member - Follow all public predictions of a u4See member
Follow influential people - Follow all predictions of any public figure who is being quoted on u4See
Manage a Group - Create a public/private group (e.g., friends, family, employees, students, fans, city, county, or country) and share predictions, discussions and statistics
Join a public group - Join a public group and follow its predictions
Get invited to a private group - Group managers can invite both u4See members and non-u4See members to join their private group
Know YOUR u4See Score - Track your voting accuracy on predictions. Know your current u4See Score. Keep it secret or share it with the world (Linkedin, your website/blog or your email signature)
Share predictions on social media - Thank you for that!
Communicate with other members - Securely exchange messages with other community members
Comment on predictions - Share your opinion on our website as a member or as a guest
Maintain and Showcase Prediction Portfolio - Own a page on u4See that illustrates your success with predicting the future accurately
Share the feed of your predictions - Grab the code from your Prediction Portfolio and easily paste it into your website/blog/article, so your readers can be aware of your new content and vote on your predictions
Earn Points for being correct and for contributing - Earn points when predicting the future accurately and when performing actions, like posting, voting and commenting
Vote if a prediction is hard or easy to foresee (Moderation) - Not all predictions made equal... Thus when calculating one's u4See Score, easy predictions weigh less than difficult ones and thus receive fewer points. Every u4See member is also a moderator